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Uploaded by iox 2 months ago

I think this is what people refer to as a teaser...

CONTENT WARNING: Swearing, & a toy shotgun.

So, a while back I said I was leaving YouTube, & you probably are wondering where that video is. Simple, It's been taken down due to a copyright claim. While I'm not too happy about that, I have to accept it. So, what the hey, I'm coming back to YouTube! I'll still be active on Vlare if you're interested, but only as a backup of my content.

Next time you see ThePuzzledboy, he will be reviewing the BBC Doctor Who DVD bundle "The Daleks".
The bad, the good, & the ugly, you'll hear it all in ThePuzzledboy's next review. But this time around, with better production quality, & it won't be 'unwatchable', even by his standards.
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