Games & Accessories That I Got Recently

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Uploaded by TheVideoGamer64 1 year ago

#PlayStation #Nintendo #Atari
In this latest video of mine, I show the games and the accessories that I added to my gaming collection recently. I even show a Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set box and other things that I added to my gaming collection recently! :) I show games on the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, & Atari 2600!

I am very happy, glad, and thankful to have these retro games and modern games in my collection! I'm even glad and proud to be a video gamer and a video game collector! :) This was originally recorded on my new computer on March 4th, 2022, now it is added on here on March 9th, 2022. I hope y'all enjoy this latest video of mine! If y'all did, feel free to comment, like / rate this video, and don't forget to subscribe to see more content on here. Enjoy everyone! Remember to KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP ON COLLECTING WHAT Y'ALL LOVE TO COLLECT! :)
Note To Everyone: I'M BACK TO ADDING MY CURRENT AND FUTURE VIDEOS ON HERE! i am still gonna be making gaming videos (of course), movie related videos, and other types of videos. I hope y'all will find this video very entertaining, enjoy everyone! :)

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